Conrad Acceptance Corporation purchases unsecured contracts. Our Clients are pre-qualified through Conrad’s Credit Committee and can be approved for various programs. Funding is either immediate or upon the completion of the program, depending on the financial strength of the Client.

Contracts are purchased by Conrad at a discount which varies based on the term (number of months for repayment) of the contract. The discount is modest for contracts financed for 12 months or less, and increases the longer the term. Generally, contracts with a term greater than 36 months will only be accepted in Conrad’s Cash Flow Advance Program.

Underwriting guidelines are liberal, the approval process is efficient, and funding is done weekly, typically every Friday. Funding dates and frequency can be modified upon request.

Any accounts not purchased by Conrad will still be accepted under Conrad’s Contract Servicing Program, subject to a separate fee structure.

In order for any new Client to be considered for Conrad’s Contract Purchase Program, an application process is required. The approval process generally takes no more than one week to complete.

Conrad’s Servicing Program

Conrad’s Cash Flow Advance Program

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