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Conrad Acceptance Corporation

Conrad Acceptance Corporation (CAC) provides comprehensive receivable management for all types of loans, including tuition contracts, membership contracts, mortgages, promissory notes and association dues.

Clients that need additional capital for marketing, expansion or ongoing operations benefit from Conrad’s ability to purchase new sales or advance against existing portfolios. Funding for unsecured service contracts is not readily available to most businesses through conventional lenders. Through its years of experience and extensive lender relationships, CAC has been able to lend against receivables and create custom financing programs to meet many unique needs of its clients. This is often done under circumstances where no finance program has previously existed, or when funding has been declined by more traditional lenders.

Services include:

  • Receivable based funding
  • Contract purchases and advances
  • Immediate approval
  • Liberal credit guidelines
  • Minimal reserves
  • Daily, weekly or monthly funding
  • Bulk purchases
  • No minimum interest rate requirements
  • Simple documentation
  • Custom programs
  • In-house servicing

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